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Inspired by Nicolas Huon's Firefox Extension CSSViewer, this Chrome extension allows you to easily scan an element's basic CSS properties without having to delve into the inspector window.

The extension adds a button to the toolbar. Clicking this button will enable the extension; you can then continue using the page, with the difference that a quick overview of CSS properties for the element your mouse cursor is hovering is displayed. To disable the CSS scanner, simply click the icon again.

Elements being scanned are highlighted with a red outline so the user can easily see the structure of the page. Most CSS properties are supported; however, feel free to leave me a comment if you feel like there's any missing.


Version 2.0.1, at Google's Chrome Extension site


Mail: ik@stijnpeeters.nl


- fixed erronous border style detection
- fixed error in rgb() -> hex converter that sometimes returned invalid hex 
  color codes
- fixed problem with csscan info box positioning when scrolling down the page
- renamed "size" category to "box"
- moved "vertical-align" to "table" category (can be used outside of tables, 
  but main application is in table styles)
- enabled extension for https protocol pages

- initial public release