Stijn Peeters


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My name is Stijn ([stɛin]). I am a PhD student at with the Ego-Media project at King's College London. I am trying to make sense of how we express our identity online. Before that, I graduated from the New Media & Digital Culture MA programme at Utrecht University. I also wrote a thesis about the history of social media, and what we can learn from it. I like thinking about what happens when people use computers.

Things I've worked on

  1. Het Oostblokboek

    Book companion website; wordpress templates and plugins

  2. Fuzic

    Live stream statistics site; everything.

  3. Media of Tomorrow/Big Data Symposium

    New Media Symposia @ Utrecht University; visual identity, wordpress template

  4. Aanzet Magazine

    History magazine; visual identity + print design

  5. Jazz2Online

    Long-running Jazz Jackrabbit fansite; CMS coding

  6. WebWhatsApp

    Web-based WhatsApp client (no longer works since WA changed its protocol)

  7. CSScan

    Google Chrome extension (no longer maintained)

  8. USLAS Atlas

    Study Association of Liberal Arts & Sciences Utrecht; wordpress template + plugins

Texts I've written

  1. "Stay Connected: A genealogical investigation of the history of social network technologies"

    Master Thesis, September 15 2013

  2. "The IRC Paradigm: An alternative approach for alternative social networks"

    Research report, May 08 2013, Institute of Network Cultures

  3. "Open source alternative social networks: empowering users or same old?"

    Website article, Apr 25 2013, Institute of Network Cultures

  4. "Beyond distributed and decentralized: what is a federated network?"

    Website article, Mar 19 2013, Institute of Network Cultures

  5. "Flying under the radar: digital dissidence through cypherpunk means"

    Paper, Jan 25 2013, "Technopolitics: Networks and Spaces"

  6. "Power Law gone topsy-turvy: The darknet"

    Essay, Jan 11 2013, "Technopolitics: Networks and Spaces"

  7. "The protocol of pretense: magic markers in multiplayer online arena games"

    Paper, Nov 16 2012, "Game Studies"

  8. "The beauty of the byte: towards an aesthetic model of demoscene intros"

    Paper, Nov 7, 2012, "Software Studies: Code and Images". Published in New Media Magazine #7: Digital Visual Culture 2.

  9. "Utopieën worden steeds cyberder: Cyberspace als utopisch platform"

    Collaborative Bachelor Thesis, Aug 15, 2012

  10. "Het leven als reis door de ruimte: Representatie van spatial narratives in het tijdperk van de phoneur"

    Final Bachelor Thesis, Jun 22, 2012